Caring For Your Pride And Joy.....

We see so many Snowboards being brought in to the shop for service that are in a mess and they should have been service much sooner.

A freshly waxed Snowboard is so much nicer to ride than a board that has been used for a week since it was last waxed. We would recommend having your board waxed after 7 days use and if you cant get it waxed buy some rub on or spray wax just to keep it sliding until you can get a hot wax done. 

Waxing your Snowboard also provents water from penetrating your base and damaging your board from the inside out. 

Over the past few years we have seen a huge increase in the number of customers buying de-buring stones. A de-buring stone takes off any bur's you have on your edge's from clipping rocks. 

One of our recommendations for looking after your Snowboards is at the end of the season when hopefully you have your board serviced we would tell you to leave the wax on to provent any damp getting to the base and edge. We see a lot of boards with rusty edges from being stored in damp garages or sheds and even put away in the loft damp. We would recommend storing boards in underbed storage so no chance of being damp rather than any of the above.

Here at "The Sick And The Wrong" we have a fully kitted work shop and are more than happy to show customers who buy service kit from us how to use it. Just call to make sure we can do it on the day you intend to call in.

Stinky boots.........

99% of boots are a 2 piece boot. The easiest and quickets way to provent your boots starting to small is remove the liners and innersoles after a days riding to help them dry out completely. Dont just dump your boots on top of a radiator, 1. I have seen boots get damaged by  a hot radiator, 2. Just putting your boot on or by a radiator will never dry between the inner and outer boot.

Hope you found the above helpful, have a great winter season 2010/11.

Sick and Wrong.