Fitwell Backcounty

Juat had our 2014 Fitwell Backcountry delivery, now featuring a top power strap.

Basically a hybrid snowboard/mountain boot ideal for splitboarding, snowshoeing, hiking and general backcountry duties.
Fantastic build and fit.
This boot is running through into 2015. RRP 299. Get intouch for more details!

Great review here:

Note: Sizing is small! Sizing below is Fitwells conversion that seems about right, but it's very different from other companies that use Mondopoint. Get in touch for more advice.

We've got a couple of pairs of the 2013 model, identical in everyway to the 2014 model but without the strap. Save 80!

S+W Verdict:
"Fantastic boot for the back country, even hiking or snowshoeing. As used by Jeremy Jones!"

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Fitwell Sizing
Fitwell Backcounty

Fitwell Backcounty

Fitwell Backcounty
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